I have documented a few do it yourself projects over the past couple of years, but I've resisted the the step by step "how to" post for some reason.  I'm not sure why, exactly; I can't think of a good reason other than perhaps it's because I enjoy telling the story of the project more than explaining the technical details that go into the project.   Or maybe the perfectionist in me is just a little bit afraid that my instructions won't be as clear as I would like them to be, or that someone will point out that I'm doing it wrong (I know, such first world problems, right?).  But then this post sparked several emails asking for more details on how to make the newspaper starter pots, so I've decided to give it whirl.  I've outlined the step by step instructions below, as well as a few additional tips you might find helpful.  And you know what?  It wasn't that bad after all! 

Newspaper Starter Pots
The materials you'll need: newspaper, scissors, a small bowl of water, starter soil mix, and something to use as a mold (I used a small can from my pantry, but just about anything you can wrap newspaper around will work: a dowel, building blocks, a juice glass...) 

Start by cutting strips of newspaper that are wide enough to cover the sides of the can, as well as the bottom when folded over (hone in on those gift wrapping skills).  The length of the strip should be long enough to wrap completely around the mold at least 3-4 times (for my can, I just left it the length of the newspaper page itself).  You can use as many strips as you would like for each pot, but I found that one worked best (it makes it easier to get a flat bottom). 

Line up the can with the edge of the newspaper strip and roll the newspaper around the can.  You will want to roll as tightly as you can while still being able to remove the can from the newspaper roll easily.
Start folding the extra newspaper down to form the bottom of the pot and continue to work your way around the the can, folding the edges in and creasing them against the edge of the can. The bottom may not feel very sturdy yet, but trust me, it'll get there.  
Turn the can over so the pot is sitting upright.  Twist it back and forth on a hard surface while applying firm pressure by pushing down on the can.  This will really crease the folds and hold them in place. 
Turn it over again, this time with the bottom side up.  Cut a narrow strip and wet it in a small bowl of water (the wet newspaper will stick and hold things in place).  Place this strip across the bottom of the can, from left to right.  Press it down across the bottom of the pot, and smooth the extra length down the sides of the pot. Repeat the process with a second strip running up and down in the opposite direction.  These strips will form a cross that will reinforce the bottom of the starter pot. 
Wet a third strip of newspaper as wide as the pot is tall, and long enough to wrap around the pot about one and a half times.  Carefully wrap this around the entire pot, being careful to secure any loose edges from the previous step underneath this final layer.  You are now ready to carefully remove the pot from the can.
Push one last strip of newspaper into the inside bottom of the pot for a little extra reinforcement, and you're ready to fill, water, and seed your pots.  

A few additional tips: 
And now, all that's left is the hard part: waiting for the seeds to take off!