A Dirty Post

Friday marked the glorious end to what felt like a REALLY LONG streak of cold and rainy days.  It wasn’t so much the rain, but the interruption of spring made last week feel like the longest week ever. Note to Mother Nature: after spring arrived in Minnesota two full months ahead of schedule, it was kind of cruel to take it away like that.

When spring did return on Friday, we turned our attention to our yard. After completely tearing up and re-seeding the front lawn two summers ago, the boulevard was next on our list.  Of course our to-do list was (as it usually is) just a bit too grandiose to fit into one weekend, but still, we kicked some serious yard work ass this weekend.

Saturday morning, not one,

but two piles of black dirt appeared in our yard (about 10-12 cubic yards total).

Needless to say, the dirt piles kept us pretty busy all weekend long, hauling, and leveling, and wondering when the piles would ever start to go down.   I think we were as surprised as our neighbors at how much we had accomplished by Sunday evening:

The best part of the weekend?

This used to be a sandbox.  Since Mike has never, in the five years he has owned the house, had the urge to go out and build a sand castle or push sand around with trucks (and it will be a while before we have a little one that might want to do these things), we decided that we should haul out the sand and haul in some of the extra dirt from the other side of the fence.  We have thrown around this idea for a while now, and I have to be honest, I am super excited about our vegetable garden.  I can't wait for everything to start growing!

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