Oven Mits and Power Tools

I have a new garden! We've been talking about putting in a second raised garden since late last summer, and after several sketches and a few trips to the backyard with a tape measure, we finalized the plans late Saturday night (nothing like making last minute changes, huh?). 

My brother, Paul, came up yesterday to help me build the garden.  When we made plans to do this last weekend, we didn't expect that we'd be measuring, sawing, and drilling while snowflakes were flying through the backyard.  Cold fingers and sniffley noses aside, we rocked this project!  It came together much easier and quicker than either of us thought it would.  Even the 45 degree angle in the corner of the "L," the most complicated (and by most complicated, I mean required the most math) part of the project came together beautifully.  I can't wait to fill it full to dirt and start planting!

Now, all I have to do is re-adjust my plans to fit in the final layout. I have pretty much figured out what plants and seeds I will be planting this year, I just need to decide which configuration I like best in the new garden.  I'm gradually filling in the details in the Garden section of the blog, for anyone interested in specifics.

Also, I'm already collecting new recipes to try this summer with our additional harvest.  One great find is this fun little cookbook:

It is well worth paging through it next time you're in a bookstore, if for no other reason than to look at the pictures - they are fantastic!  There are a lot of recipes in this cookbook that I will definitely be trying - and the tips on picking which varieties to plant and how and when to harvest, prepare and store for optimal flavor are great.  The only problem is, every time I pick it up and start paging through it, there is something else that I want to try and fit into my garden plans for this year!

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