Measuring Up: June 2013

Every so often, I catch myself trying to compare the garden this year to the garden at the same time last year.  The two years are so different from each other, it isn't even close to a fair comparison.  About the only thing they really have in common is that they are both definitely not your average Minnesota growing seasons.  Last year spring came way early, and everything had at least a month head start.  This year, we had snow on the ground during the first week of May, and many things are a good month behind.  

But the comparisons are hard to avoid today as I write the first "Measuring Up" post of the season (which just happens to be two months later than last year).  Still, while it's easy to focus on what I haven't yet been able to harvest this year (tomatoes, peas, raspberries), I think the more interesting observations focus on some of the good things that have come as a result of our crazy start to the growing season: 

When you start to take everything into consideration when adding up this month's totals, it's actually not nearly as different from last year as I would have expected.  I'm only off by a mere 3.3 pounds from last June, which isn't bad at all: 
In fact, it's a great number!  In the end does it matter that the nearly 20 pounds of garden produce had a slightly different make up than last year's?  Not at all!  (truth be told, it's probably a good thing that I'm making more spinach salads and fewer rhubarb scones this year).  

It just goes to show that with every season there will always be some things that do really well and some things that are a bit more of a disappointment, and from year to year, those lists might be as different as can be.  Even despite our best efforts, we just have to accept that some years are going to be better for an early tomato than others.  The most important thing is to focus on what the garden has to offer right now.  

The tomatoes will come with time, as will the peas and the zucchini and everything else.  Today, I'm enjoying the strawberries and spinach while they last! 

What are you enjoying from your garden right now?