Hidden Treasure

I had to look closely, but there it was, tucked deep inside the massive leaves of one of my broccoli plants: the start of one of the first heads of broccoli!

This year I planted broccoli in three rounds, each about a month apart.  To some, It might look a little odd to see large, medium, and small plants intermixed in the same row right now, but all I see is a continuous harvest of garden-fresh broccoli.  By staggering the seed starting over the course of several months, I should end up with 5 or 6 plants that are ready to pick each of the coming months (and that's not counting the side shoots that will develop after the main head has been harvested).  It's a simple, easy way to extend the harvest, not to mention an opportunity to make one of summer's momentary pleasures linger just a little longer!

I'll be counting down the days until the harvest beings...

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