Online Garden Planners

I will readily admit that I'm a little old school when it comes to planning my garden layout.  I find it enjoyable (and kind of therapeutic) to start with a blank piece of paper to sketch, color, and make notes until I find the right plan for a new garden season.    But that's not to say that there aren't some really great online tools available to create a garden plan and some really great advantages to using them (like keeping a better garden record, something I really need to spend more time on), so I've spent some time playing around with a garden layout in four popular online garden planners as a companion to my Garden Planning 101 series.  In no particular order, here are the garden plans I created using each tool and some notes on the key features: Garden Planner
This garden planner offers a lot of customization and a ton of specific plant information.  It has the largest selection of plant icons and specific varieties of all the planners featured in this post.  Additionally, this planner includes: 
Cost: 30 day free trial; $25 for 1 year subscription or $40 for 2 year subscription; $9.99 for mobile app

Smart Gardener
If you're feeling unsure about where to start with a garden plan, this planner will get you started.  It will generate a suggested layout for your selected varieties, warn you if any of your selections are not suitable for your growing location, and allow you to filter plant selections by specific recommendations, such as good varieties for container gardening.  Other features include:  

Cost: Free basic membership; "Smart Add Ons" from $0.99 to $4.99

Garden Planner Online
This planner offers the least amount of customization as far as plant icons go, but if you are looking to create a detailed plan that includes all elements of your backyard, like a pool, patio, fence, or other landscaping, this tool could be helpful. Additionally: 
Cost: 15 day free trial; $24 full version
If you are focused on how much you can expect to harvest from your garden, this planner will be quite helpful with its Vegetable Calculator that will not only estimate how many pounds of produce you can produce per square foot, but a market value of your harvest as well (to help you quantify your garden investment!).  Other features include:

Cost: 45 day free trial; $20 for 1 year subscription or $36 for a 3 year subscription.

Each of these online garden planners is free to try, so spend some time playing around to see if you might find a good fit for your needs.  Each planner featured offers a tutorial video that will walk you through the basic functions and show you what the planner can do for you before you have to set up an account or start a trial.    And if you do find a planner that you like, leave a comment and let me know how it works for you!