Onion Sprout

This has been a week of very early mornings, late nights, and bitter cold temperatures, all of which have me very much looking forward to this weekend (and spring!).   As a reward for making it through a tough week, I'm going to make time for a few gardening projects that I have been meaning to do for a while now.  It might be just the thing I need to temper my spring fever after a week that saw a low temperature of 12 below zero.  

Lucky for me, that list of projects is growing:  as I was cleaning up the kitchen this morning, I noticed that several of the Crimson Forest Bunching Onions  (from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) I still have in storage are starting to sprout.  The little onion bulbs are just slightly larger than a nickle, with the deepest purplely-red color I've ever seen in an onion.  I harvested most of these onions as scallions this summer, but the last of the crop was in the ground long enough to form small bulbs that have stored incredibly well.  They've been tasty little gems to use in cooking over the past few months, but now I'm thinking I might have to pull out some potting soil and a container for the windowsill to grow a few fresh scallions.

Spring is starting to stir, my friends!

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