For the Birds

A few days before Christmas, my husband came home from a white elephant gift exchange with a real 4' Christmas tree.  The little pine tree was already quite dry, but it still seemed a waste to just discard it.  The color was still great and it looked so cute and festive, so we were determined to find a way to put it to use in the backyard. We propped the tree up in the middle of the garden, strung together some cranberries and popcorn, and brought a little color and life to the winter garden.
I fully expected that the squirrels would topple the tree in a matter of minutes (because they can be jerks like that sometimes a lot of the time), but luckily they haven't found it yet.  In the coming days we will be leaving behind the bitter cold for some milder temperatures, so I'm hopeful that means we will see a few more birds visiting the garden as our climate becomes a little more tolerable.  Of course, if they took their time cleaning off the tree, I wouldn't be sad, either.  It has been so much fun to look out into the garden and see a little color!