It Feels Good to be Back!

Have you missed me?  I have been conspicuously absent in the past few weeks, but I assure you it has been for a very good reason.  Those of you who are dedicated readers (thank you!) will recall that I have made several references to our lives being exceptionally busy this summer and fall, and while I did not necessarily have to keep a low profile in regards to what, exactly, was going on, it just felt like the right thing to do, and so I went with my gut (I’m a huge believer in that—also, I don’t like to tempt fate).

But now, now that we are on the other side of the campaign, now that all the hard work has paid off, now, I can finally tell you how incredibly proud I am to be the wife of a newly elected County Commissioner! 

Fifteen months ago we made the commitment to put the campaign before everything else, and tens of thousands of doors, pieces of literature, and calories burned in parades on 100+ degree days later, we reached the sweet culmination last Tuesday.  To see the smile on his face as he received the phone call on election night made me completely forget how much gardening time I had sacrificed for the greater good this summer and fall. Totally worth it, no question! 

I had honestly hoped that I would have queued up enough posts to keep these last few weeks peppered with at least a post or two amid the run up to the election, but in the end there was just too much to do and only so many hours to do it in. But the good news is that I do have some end of the season posts I still plan on sharing (Dry beans! Popcorn! Maybe even an obligatory November pumpkin recipe!), well into the snowy months, if necessary.  I also have a couple of new features I will be adding to the blog in the near future and I plan to finally go live with that Sweet Domesticity Facebook Page I have been working on (and off) since April.

As we ease back into life as we know it in our small corner of the world, I thank you for hanging in there with me during these past months.  I am really looking forward to refocusing my energies and getting back to all kinds of garden goodness. It feels good to be back.