Fall Colors

I spent most of last week in Northern Minnesota for work.  I was a little bitter to be heading out of town on what I knew were going to be the last days of this year's garden, but without a way to stop time or the weather, there wasn't much I could do - but more on that later this week.  
The day I drove up, Minnesota was in all her autumn glory:  it was warm, the sun was bright, and the trees were gorgeous with their peak fall colors.  By the next morning, the temperature had fallen a good 30 degrees and the wind was making quick work of putting those leaves on the ground.  There were even a few snow flurries mixed in with the wind-blown leaves, as if the day were not gloomy and blustery enough already.  I was kicking myself for not pulling off the road the day before to dig out the camera and capture such a perfect Minnesota fall day.  
Luckily, the impressive displays of pumpkins, winter squash, and gourds that were scattered all around the resort grounds were not so fleeting.  All the enchanting colors, textures, and shapes make me want to plant an entire garden of these beauties for next year.    

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