Measuring Up: August 2012

Dear August,

I guess it's time for us to say farewell for another year.  I knew this day was fast approaching; the days are getting noticeably shorter and the evenings, a little cooler.  There are a few trees that are starting to turn and drop their leaves already and even the garden is starting to take a turn towards fall.
You were a fast and furious month this year, bringing along all kinds of things that have kept us on our toes and on the run.  And now that I have tallied up how kind you were to the garden, I understand why I always felt like there were never enough hours in the day or days in the weeks to get everything accomplished I set out to do each week:  
The beans loved you this year, as did the summer squash that continued to produce all month long (much longer than it did last year).  You brought my very first harvests of cantaloupe and watermelon, cowpeas, popcorn, and acorn squash.  As always, you coaxed the September raspberries into producing and set the tomatoes up for a strong finish.  Well done, August, well done!
All of us (the garden included!) really appreciated that you brought some relatively normal temperatures after July decided to be an overachiever in that department.   If I could make just one suggestion for your next visit, please consider bringing just a little more rain with you - no need to go overboard, but a handful of good soaking rains would be great.  
In just a few short days the school buses will be rumbling through the neighborhood, and September will carry us into October and November in what might seem like a blink of an eye, but don't worry, August, you will not be soon forgotten.  You're the one that we'll all daydream about on those short dark days that lay ahead.  It's your warm days that we'll crave, your abundant harvest that we'll miss, and your sun-soaked memories that will carry us through until next year.

Until we meet again, my friend...