Pumpkin Pride

It's not uncommon that, from time to time during the garden season, I drag Mike over the garden to show him something.  Usually it's a tomato that's starting to blush, or a new variety that is starting to produce, or any other number of things that I might be geeking out about.  I'm usually incredibly excited about whatever the new development is, and while Mike is always a good sport about it, I know that deep down, there are times he's probably thinking, you're excited about that? I don't get it.
But lately, there's been a little bit of a role reversal.  Ever since the pumpkin vines set on the first pumpkin, Mike has been the one pointing out all the changes to me.  Did you see how far down it's hanging now?  Look how big it's getting!  I'm so excited that we have a pumpkin!  Even when we're with friends or family, he's the one bringing up the garden, or more specifically, the pumpkin. Just last night I walked in the door and overheard him on the phone talking about the pumpkin.  I not so secretly think this is incredibly awesome (and cute).
Just wait until he finds out that we have 3 more pumpkins that have set and another 3 female blossoms on the way!

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