Number Thirty One

Check out my new address: 
This week I became a renter again, taking up residence at plot #31 in the new local community garden.  500 square feet at the bargain price of $25, utilities (water) included.  My lease runs through October.  

It's rustic and a little bit of a fixer-up-er, but I think it will do.  It has been tilled earlier this spring, but since it's been on the market for a while, the grass and weeds got a little out of control.  That was the first thing I tackled on Monday evening when I started to move in.
But with a little sweat, hard work, and TLC, I think it will be a fine place to spend time this summer.  It definitely has a lot of potential!

And the neighbors are great people!  Every night there is lots of socializing.  The people are so friendly and willing to share their tools and advice.  There is a great sense of community here.  
I've already moved in several of my favorite things: extra tomato plants, popcorn, beans, carrots, edamame, watermelon, cantaloupe, squash, and cucumbers.  It's amazing how quickly the space fills up!

The location is really great.  I'm just a mile from home, with a nice view of the Mississippi River valley to the north.  And there's wildlife nearby, too.  As sunset nears, the herons fly overhead, and last night a deer ran right through the garden while I several of us were working away.  This may actually be one of the only drawbacks, but we'll see how it goes.   
Yes, I definitely think I am going to like it here.