Planting Progress

The garden progress continued this past weekend with lots of planting and transplanting now that the ground has warmed up and the frost danger should be behind us here in Minnesota.  The weather was absolutely amazing, making my list of yard and garden chores all the more enjoyable.  I never consider my garden plans "final" until everything is in the ground (one never knows what hidden treasure might be found at a garden center!), but I am getting close.  Here's a quick look at how my two backyard gardens are coming along: 
What's Growing: Mammoth Sunflowers; Calico Popcorn; Watermelon & Sparkler Radishes; Atomic Red, Bambino, Cosmic Purple, Lunar White, and Solar Yellow Carrots; Mesclun Mix;  Satin Spinach;  Parris Island Cos Lettuce;  Sun Gold and Indigo Rose Tomatoes; Bull's Blood Beets; and Evergreen Long White Bunching & Crimson Forrest Bunching Onions 

What's in the Ground: Sweet & Lemon Basil; Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce; Iceberg Lettuce; Sugar Snap Peas; and second plantings of spinach and carrots

What's Left to Go In:  Big Mama & heirloom tomatoes; Cherokee Trail of Tears Beans; Small Sugar Pie Pumpkin; and replacement plantings for greens and radishes, as the season allows
What's Growing: Jalapeno, Cyklon, Santa Fe Grande, Yum Yum Gold, & Topepo Rosso Peppers; Early Purple Vienna Kohlrabi; red, yellow, and white onions; shallots; Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli, Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts; Sugar Snap Peas; and Spanish Roja & Walla Walla Garlic

What's in the Ground: Garden Soy Edamame; California Blackeyed Peas; and Royal Burgundy Beans

What's Left to Go In:  Sweet Banana Peppers; Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe;  Burpless Beauty Cucumber