Heirloom Sprouts

It's finally Friday!  This has been a pretty perfect week for seed sprouting.  After last week's cooler weather slowed things down a bit, this week's sunshine, warm temperatures, and rain got things off and going again.  Here's a look at how the first round of heirloom seeds are doing...

The heirloom Early Purple Vienna Kohlrabi are already showing off their purple stems:
The heirloom Watermelon Radishes are practically doubling in size each day: 
The heirloom Parris Island Cos Lettuce is growing, slow and steady: 
The heirloom carrot varieties are just starting to pop up: 
The heirloom Bull's Blood Beet seedlings are bright and showy:
Notice how the heirloom Crimson Forest Bunching Onions come up doubled over:

Ahh, the sweet satisfaction of seeds sprouting in spring! This incredible weather is really starting to warm up the soil quite nicely.  I think we're right on track to get the second round of heirloom seeds in the ground very soon!
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