This is the Grow It Forward Friday post that I have been waiting to write for two whole two months.  As of this week, the first round of heirloom seeds are in the ground!  The excitement I expressed over my indoor seedlings pales in comparison to the excitement and anticipation I have for the days and weeks to come as my raised beds start to fill in with sprouts and leaves, and soon enough, baby vegetables.
For the first time, I'm planting a few things outdoors well before our typical frost free date (usually around Mother's Day), and for that reason I'm splitting my seed planting up into a couple of phases this year.  I'm planting the cool weather tolerant crops in now, and holding off on the crops that prefer warmer weather (like the beans and squash) for a least a couple more weeks.  

Here's a look at the heirloom varieties I planted this week:

Now I feel like this adventure has officially begun!.  These are all new-to-me varieties, so I'm looking forward to watching them grow.   This weekend I will also be ready to transplant a few of my heirloom seedlings into the garden as well.  The Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli and Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts are definitely ready to stretch out in the garden.

The gentle rain yesterday came at a perfect time.  Hopefully I'll have some sprouts to ooh and aah over in no time!
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