It appears that I missed a couple of garlic bulbs during last summer's harvest!  And of course, the volunteer garlic is coming up exactly where I plan to put a tomato plant.  I have no idea if moving garlic that has sprouted is advised (the information I found online was conflicting), but I decided to give it a try.  Worst case scenario: I'm no further ahead or behind what I planned.  Best case scenario: more garlic.  The experiment could be worth it!

I very carefully dug around the garlic and gently eased it out of the ground.  Some of the cloves separated very easily, but there were a few that were not so cooperative (I didn't want to risk damaging the roots, so I just left a few of them fused - if this works, I will have some interesting garlic bulbs to look forward to!).  I transplanted the garlic into the other garden, next to my intentionally-planted heirloom Spanish Roja garlic, gave it a good drink of water and hoped for the best.  
The volunteer garlic is Walla Walla, a softneck variety.  And again, of course it would be the variety I decided not to replant this year.  Last summer it just didn't do as well as the hardneck garlic (also, the garlic scapes: they completely sold me on putting all my energy into hardneck garlic), but it looks like I might have another chance to see how it does under different conditions after all!