Spring Spectacular

This weekend truly was spectacular!  There's just something about spring sunshine and fresh air that does the soul good.  I'd like to order up a few more weekends just like it, please!

As much as I wanted to spend the whole weekend out in the yard and garden, it's just too early to get out and do much, so I spent most of my three day weekend doing some serious spring cleaning in the house (with the windows wide open, of course) and taking extra long walks through the neighborhood and along the river.  I  did, however, take advantage of the sunshine and set my covered trays of tomato and pepper seeds out in the sun all weekend to nudge them along.  It did wonders for them - all of my tomatoes germinated yesterday!  And the broccoli seedlings seemed happy to have a few hours in the sun as well.

There may not be much to do outside yet, but there is plenty to see (as evident by the 100+ photos I downloaded from the camera last night).  The last three days of 80 degree temps have spurred lots of growth and transformation around the yard: the grass is greening up, there's new growth on the strawberry plants, tree buds are swelling, and the daylilies, rhubarb, and garlic are growing at astonishing rates.  I am actually feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sudden sensory overload after months of waiting for even the tiniest sign of spring, but I love it all the same!