Slow and Steady

This week's Grow It Forward Friday post marks a little bit of a lull in the garden action.  My indoor seeds are all planted, sprouted, and growing along steadily, but I can't really do much with my outdoor seeds yet, so there are no new and exciting developments in my gardens to share.  If things are dry enough this weekend, maybe I'll be able to work in some compost and plant a row or two of greens, but more than likely it will be another weekend of spring chores that while necessary, aren't nearly as exciting as planting and watching things grow.

Patience has never been my strongest attribute, so I am being very deliberate in reminding myself that slow and steady is in fact a good thing.  Good food takes time.  Time is precisely why a garden tomato tastes exponentially better than a grocery store tomato that has been rushed along.  But even knowing how true this is, it's still easy to get caught up in the desire for instant gratification and quick progress.  I can see how the art of patiently cultivating heirloom varieties has fallen to the side in favor of quick-producing hybrids or why there is an assumption that heirloom varieties are difficult and fussy.  Last summer I had almost given up on my German Queen heirloom tomatoes when they finally started to turn red in September.  Turns out, they were some of the largest, sweetest tomatoes I've ever had - completely worth the wait! 

So while I may be just a little  bit disappointed that I don't have something more exciting to share this week, I'm going to be happy that my little seedlings are doing exactly what they are supposed to doing.  The rest will fall into place when it's time.  And in the end, the harvest will make it all worth while. 

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