Perfect Timing

Sure, the weather forecast is calling for up to two feet of total snow accumulation over these last two weeks of February, but I am surprisingly okay with that (I actually kind of wish it would come all at once, rather than a little here, and a little there - a good old fashioned snow day sounds good to me!).  There are a lot of reasons why I shouldn't be bothered by a little snow at the end of February, but none of them compare to this: 

You're looking at my own little piece of spring!  Last night I finished the first round of preparations for starting a few seeds indoors.  By the end of the week I"ll have my set up complete (light and heat) and I'll be ready to plant broccoli.  Snow or no snow, it won't be long before I'll see some little green sprouts - and really, that makes even the potential for a few ugly commutes just a little more tolerable.  

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