New Year's resolutions: love 'em or hate 'em? I can claim both extremes: I have old journals filled with pages of detailed resolutions and other years I made a conscious decision not to make any.  I've also had both wild successes and complete failures.  I aways seem to do better on the ones that I not only write out, but share with at least one other person, so here's a quick look a few of the things on my list this year:

I resolve to take full advantage of the seasons. We live in one of the more dramatic climates in the world. We get to experience four seasons, sometimes all within the same month! It’s time to embrace it all. More time exploring Minnesota, less time inside the comfort of controlled climates.

I resolve to spend more time at the farmer’s market. Locally grown deals and pretty garden produce, not to mention the chance to chat with some pretty awesome people who love gardening as much as I do. Yes, my Saturday mornings need more farmer’s market this year.

I resolve to build more things with power tools. A cold frame is at the top of my list, just as soon as I can convince my husband that the south side of the garage is the perfect location for one. 

I resolve to use a pressure cooker fearlessly. No longer will I allow irrational mental images of exploding canning projects strike fear in my kitchen. I have watched my mom do it a hundred times and now it's my turn to master the pressure cooker.  Here’s to an expanded canning repertoire!

I resolve to make better use of technology.  My post-it recipe collection needs some attention. As do my garden records, contacts list, blog reading list, and probably a few things that I don't even know about yet.  Time to organize and (hopefully) simplify my life a little bit.