You'll notice a few changes around here in the coming weeks!  For a while now, I've been somewhat dissatisfied with the "feel" of the blog at times.  Don't get me wrong, I am really proud of the work that I put into this blog, but I just couldn't shake the feeling that it needed something "more."  After trying to really hone in on what it was that needed to change (a little blog soul-searching, if you will), I'm emerging with a renewed sense of focus and some serious excitement for what's to come!

There is going to be a slight shift in content on the blog.  I am going to be migrating some of the more personal and family-related posts to a separate blog, allowing this blog become more garden-focused. Truth be told, the garden posts have been some of my favorite posts to work on, not to mention they are the most viewed posts, so it really makes sense for me to make this change and put more effort into bringing you more about my gardening endeavors, garden recipes, canning and preserving, and a few other fun things I have cooking in my mind.

I'm also taking this opportunity to change up the design and layout of the blog.  It's certainly going to to have a different look and feel, but the default "Timeslide" layout and the new search feature should make the posts more accessible. I will also be improving my tagging system, working on adding several new pages, and improving the content on the current pages.

Even though these changes have been in the works for a while, it takes a bit of time to implement each piece, so please bear with me in the coming weeks.  Hopefully disruptions and other weirdness should be minimal during the higher traffic times.  Also, I'd love to receive any feedback you have on the changes.  Please let me know what you enjoy, as well as what might not be working so well.  This blog has been a work in progress from day one, gradually evolving and developing along the way - that is one thing I don't expect to change!