Unseasonably Seasonal

As the really hard frost set in this fall, we still had way more apples than we were able to use or give away, so a good number of them remained on the tree for the birds and squirrels (as much as it pains me to encourage squirrels to hang out in our yard, I do feel a little bad for the little fellas when it gets bitter cold - also, if they fill up on apples, maybe they will leave my other goodies alone, right?  Or at least I can  hope...).  The little city-dwelling critters have done a pretty good job cleaning up what was left, but the tree is still hanging on to a handful of bright red apples.  It looks quite festive, actually - kind of like we hung big red Christmas ornaments throughout the tree. The perfect simplicity and whimsical charm of this tree makes me smile a little every time I walk from the driveway to the back door. 

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