And the Kohlrabi Stands Alone

I braved the mosquitoes last night to turn over most of my small garden. Having harvested the last of the peas and onions earlier this week, all that was left was a row of kohlrabi and the sad remains of the zucchini plants, which were still trying to produce despite the best efforts of some hungry squash vine borers (which are totally disgusting, by the way).  It wouldn't be long until the plants would be completely gone, so I picked the last two small zucchinis and pulled the plants, turned the garden with some vegetable plant food, and dropped in some more seeds.

I'm cutting it pretty close, but I'm taking my chances and hoping for a late frost this year.  I'm pretty confident that I'll have enough time to enjoy the extra rows of spinach and radishes, but my crazy plan to try to get more zucchini (gotta try to stock that freezer for the winter!) could go either way.  Counting out the days to maturity, it should put the zucchini due date somewhere around the end of September or early October.  Depending on what the weather does, I think it's reasonable to expect that we should be able to get enough zucchini before the first frost to at least make it worth the one dollar in seed. If not, we're only out one dollar and at least the garden will not look so empty for the rest of the season. 

By the way, do you see that grass around the garden?  This cool weather (and a bag of starter fertilizer) has done wonders to our backyard "lawn."  We threw down more seed earlier this week, so maybe it won't be long before I can call it a lawn without the quotation marks!

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