I spent this perfect summery Saturday morning planting the window boxes and flower pots in the front of our house.  After last summer's plantings were not nearly as showy as I would have liked, I opted for bright, bold colors this time around. 

I was excited to find a non-marigold bright orange flower in these "Profusion Orange" zinnias:

Just for fun, I mixed in a handful of the "Profusion Cherry" zinnas, too.  They should play off the bright pink-purple "Designer Violet" geraniums in the flower pots quite nicely. 

I absolutely love the deep red color of these "Starmaker Bright Red" Nicotianas:

... and both the texture and coloration of the "Black Dragon" coleus:

Despite my usual aversion to marigolds, I found myself drawn to these "Tangerine Gem" marigolds.  They are far more delicate than typical marigolds, with long, lacy foliage and lots of tiny flowers.   I didn't even realize they were marigolds until I looked at they tag (and then noticed the distinct scent).

Playing off of the coloring of the coleus, I added this purple-colored sweet potato vine as well as a purple-colored cordyline (spike plant) to the flower pots.  I've used both plants previously, though this is the first time I've used the purple cordyline.  Both add unique textures to the overall arrangement, and I really like the way the sweet potato vine fills in around the other plantings and spills over the side of the flower pot. 

I'm already quite pleased with how things turned out, but I can't wait to see the final results as the plants fill in and set on more blossoms in the coming weeks!