April [Snow] Showers

This is what our backyard looked like on Saturday morning:  

Not that the snow was unexpected or unprecedented (we do live in Minnesota, after all), but after the winter we've had (and apparently, are continuing to have), it’s just more than a little depressing.  This cold little guy sitting in our backyard apple tree pretty much sums up how I feel about snow in the middle of April:

I think this would be a great picture for a caption contest, by the way.  I can think of quite a few appropriate (or appropriately inappropriate) sayings to pop into a thought bubble above his head. 

So, determined not to spend all day inside grumbling about something I have absolutely no control over, I decided to go for a walk.  I also grabbed the new camera (a Christmas gift) and decided that this was as good as any opportunity to play around and see what it can do. 

I was totally fascinated by the huge buds on this tree on our boulevard:

The combination of the spring flooding and snow at Lake Rebecca was beautiful:

Unfortunately, as soon as I got down to the river, my camera batteries started to go. As a result, I couldn't spend much time framing up my shots or playing with the settings like I intended to do, but I still managed to snap a few fun shots that captured the strangely peaceful coexistence of spring and winter.

Duck tracks along Lake Rebecca:

A little bird's nest in a tree along the trail at Lock and Dam No. 2:

It actually ended up being a really beautiful walk.  By the time I was past the Lock and Dam, the sun was even peaking out and the snow was continuously falling from the trees, leaving little ice chunks on the path that sparkled in the sun.

Still, I am more than ready for spring to arrive and stay a while.  I'm hoping against all odds that the weather forecasters are wrong and there isn't up to six inches on the way later this week.  I can guarantee you that I will not find anything beautiful about that.