This past Sunday I officially made the transition to fall by replacing the summer flowers in the window boxes and big flower pots in the front of our house with mums.  The photos really don't do justice to how beautiful and bright these yellow blooms are.

Sunday was such a beautiful day!  I spent the entire afternoon outside working on the window boxes, flower pots, cleaning up the landscaping, mowing the lawn, edging the sidewalk and curbs... and loved every minute of it! I keep reminding myself to savor days like this while they last.

The outside of our house is not the only thing that's changing.  We are currently in the throws of several projects around the house (apparently all we needed to do to get things in motion was decide to have a party). We have been working off our lists, making lots of Menards runs, patching, caulking, painting, staining, and racing against the clock for both our party on Saturday and the rain that is moving in later today.

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