As Seen in the Slavik Backyard

It has now been over a month since we hauled all that black black dirt around our yard.  Here are a few photos taken at various times during the last month chronicling our efforts:

After moving all the dirt, I transplanted 20 or so daylilies along the fence (and if you look closely, you can see the faint green fuzz of new grass starting to come in):

Almost immediately, they were full of bright yellow blooms:

I also transplanted about a dozen hosta plants around the yard:

The garden is growing like crazy!  It seems like every day the plants are doubling in size.  We've already been enjoying the radishes and lettuce.

This past week we discovered that we have baby green bell peppers and baby roma tomatoes:

We also have baby raspberries!  The raspberry canes I transplanted this spring have been thriving (half of them are as tall, if not taller than, I am) and are loaded with the first crop of berries:

Our front window boxes and flower pots are starting to fill in.  I planted these kind of late this year (well, relatively late considering how early our spring came), so they seem really tiny compared to our veggie garden.  Another week of sunshine and heat, they'll really take off.

The crazy thing is, as soon as I take these pictures, they're already old - everything is growing that fast. 

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